Pathways to Economic Security

Call for Workshops

The Academy’s 33rd annual policy conference, Pathways to Economic Security: Bringing All Voices to the Table, will unpack the latest policy proposals being discussed by federal and state officials. Sessions will cover a range of policy options including: universal basic income, refundable child tax credits, federalizing unemployment insurance, and more.

At the virtual conference, representatives of various stakeholders and communities – including immigrants, people without shelter, those who are formerly incarcerated, people living with disabilities, agricultural workers, the Black community, Native Americans, Latine, LGBTQ, and more – will discuss economic security needs and policy priorities.

The National Academy of Social Insurance is currently accepting proposals to host a workshop as part of the virtual conference (March 2-4, 2021).

Interested in hosting a workshop?

Submit a proposal for a workshop during the conference:

Tuesday, March 2, 2:00 – 3:00 pm ET
Theme: What does economic insecurity mean? Where are the holes and gaps in our social safety net?

Wednesday, March 3, 2:20-3:20 pm ET
Theme: Policy priorities moving forward

Thursday, March 4, TBD
Theme: Building coalitions to bring change

Types of workshops:

Research/Data Workshop: This type of workshop is geared towards presenting and discussing new research or data relevant to economic (in)security. (Download a suggested template for a Research/Data Workshop)

Networking Workshop: This workshop will facilitate introductions among the participants and discussion of relevant issues and potential collaboration opportunities; participants will be encouraged to share information about policy goals/priorities, resources, and why they are interested in building a partnership or coalition to achieve shared goals. (Download a suggested template for a Networking Workshop)

Strategy/Training Workshop: This type of workshop will be geared towards equipping participants with new knowledge and/or tools and/or strategies or techniques to effectively help meet the needs of specific communities. (Download a suggested template for a Strategy/Training Workshop)

Contact: Jay Patel,, 202-243-7291

The deadline for submissions is Monday, February 8, 2021.

Complete the submission form (organization, preferred date, session title, type of workshop, and a brief description of what you imagine for the workshop are required in the submission form)

Additional Info

What is the format of the conference workshops?
All conference workshops will be held virtually on the afternoons of March 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

Workshop sessions are open to all conference registrants and marketed widely to the general public. Attendees include individuals who may not be able to attend the full conference but are interested in a particular issue.

Workshop capacity: 15-50 people (if your proposal is selected, your workshop will be one of 5-6 offered on that day)

Session speakers: We recommend 2-3 presenters/discussion leaders, in order to make the session as interactive as possible. Please feel free to collaborate with other individuals and/or organizations.

All sessions should include at least 30 minutes for audience discussion and Q&A.

Please download the workshop templates above for further guidance.

(If you feel this format does not fit your topic, please describe in the submission form or via email how you wish the session to run.)

What are your responsibilities as a workshop host?

Have availability ahead of the conference week for a brief tech-prep session.

Prepare any handouts/presentations that you plan to use during the workshop.

Help market your workshop and the full conference to both individuals and other organizations in your network.

Which type of workshop should we host?

Are you working on a particular project that warrants a timely discussion about data findings and policy solutions? Have you conducted relevant research that might inform conversations at the conference? Are there pressing issues that have been overlooked in major policy discussions that might complement and advance our thinking around creating pathways to economic security? If so, we encourage you to lead a research/data workshop.

Are you interested in building a stronger network of researchers, practitioners, policy analysts, and advocates in your field? Would you like to learn about how others are working toward shared goals, but perhaps from another angle? Do you want to identify potential partners to collaborate with on future endeavors? If so, we encourage you to lead a networking workshop to focus on building relationships with other individuals interested in your organization’s work.

Does your organization serve individuals and families who are facing economic insecurity? What might be most useful to achieving your organization’s goals in both the short-term and the long-term? If so, we encourage you to lead a strategy/training workshop to equip others with the resources and information to help your constituent.

What is the Academy looking for?

We are seeking workshop proposals that will allow for provocative conversations around how social insurance, and related policies and programs, might best be adapted to serve as a stabilizing force in the United States for decades to come. This might take the form of: a presentation about new research on a particular social insurance program or a related policy; a look at outcomes in other countries compared to the U.S.; a guided conversation around strategies to move legislation to improve social insurance programs on a state and local level; or a networking-oriented session to connect with conference-goers and other Academy members. We are open to other ideas around workshop-content, but we ask that you make your concept clear in the submission form.