Pathways to Economic Security: Bringing All Voices to the Table


Session 1 | Holes in the Safety Net and Goals Yet to be Achieved

Tuesday, March 2: 11:45 AM ET / 8:45 AM PT

What holes exist today? Who is falling through the gaps and why?


Sharon Dietrich, Litigation Director and Managing Attorney – Employment Unit, Community Legal Services of Philadelphia

Shelly Nortz, Deputy Executive Director for Policy, Coalition for the Homeless

Tammy Seltzer, Director, DC Jail and Prison Advocacy Project, Disability Rights DC at University Legal Services

Additional speakers TBA

Session 2 | The Contemporary State of Needs

Tuesday, March 2: 1:05 PM ET / 10:05 AM PT

Focusing on the findings of the Academy’s Economic Security Study Panel, this session will examine several data points to begin a discussion of how a bolder, more coordinated effort across policy areas might address the needs of specific communities and improve the economic security of all Americans.


Jessica Bartholow, Chief of Staff, Senator Nancy Skinner, California State Senate

William A. Darity Jr., Samuel DuBois Cook Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, Duke University

Kathryn Edwards, Economist, The RAND Corporation and Principal Investigator, Economic Security Study Panel

Additional speakers TBA

Session 3 | Restructuring and Bolstering the Existing System

Wednesday, March 3: 11:00 AM ET / 8:00 AM PT

This session will focus on opportunities to simplify, align, and improve existing programs. What can be achieved within the constraints of the current system (social insurance and social assistance programs)?


Bethany Lilly, Director of Income Policy, The Arc

Rebecca Vallas, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

Additional speakers TBA

Session 4 | Foundations for a New System

Wednesday, March 3: 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT

This session will unpack how cash payments directly to individuals/households would be helpful to a variety of communities. How would a new system of cash payments fit within the current ecosystem of programs, and what might it accomplish for stakeholders that current programs cannot? What are the drawbacks?


Greg Kauffman, Contributing Writer, The Nation

Aisha Nyandoro, CEO, Springboard to Opportunities

Additional speakers TBA

Session 5 | Assuring Economic Security for All

Wednesday, March 3: 1:30 PM ET / 10:30 AM PT

Designed to build on earlier sessions of the conference, Session 5 will focus on how combined approaches – using guaranteed income policies and other ways to improve current programs – might form contemporary pathways to economic security. Stakeholders will also discuss lessons learned from past efforts, and where we must be careful moving forward.


Charleigh Flohr, Research Manager, Public Education and Research Program, Human Rights Campaign

Darrick Hamilton, Henry Cohen Professor of Economics and Urban Policy, The New School

Samuel Hammond, Director of Poverty and Welfare Policy, Niskanen Center

John Taylor, Immediate Past President, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (United Kingdom)

Session 6 | Financing Assured Income

Thursday, March 4: 11: 45 AM ET / 8:45 AM PT

This session will discuss equitable options to raise tax revenues to finance new income security spending, and the implications for economic security of certain tax policies. What tax policies might be feasible?