Workshops | Day 2

March 3 | 2:20 pm ET

Theme: Policy priorities moving forward

The Academy and its partners are excited to present a range of workshops for conference participants, offering deep dives on new research, strategy and advocacy training, and networking opportunities. Join the Zoom meetings by clicking the icons below.

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From the Civilian Conservation Corps to Today: The Role of Subsidized Employment in Achieving Economic Security

Join to learn about the role of subsidized employment as a key pathway to economic security from its New Deal roots to modern federal jobs programs. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss what strategies and arguments are most likely to persuade the public, press, think-tanks, academicians, and federal policymakers to support and enact subsidized employment legislation. Particular attention will be given to racial and gender equity, which the data show is a strong point in favor of subsidized employment.


  • Indi Dutta-Gupta, Georgetown Law; Center on Poverty and Inequality
  • June Hopkins, Armstrong State University
  • David Riemer, Social Security Works

Hosted by: Community Advocates Public Policy Institute, Social Security Works

Policy Priorities Moving Forward: Investing in Child Care As A Public Good

This workshop will share research and analysis that show the costs of prior failures to invest in child care as a public good, and the benefits of reinventing the child care system to move beyond COVID relief to an equitable recovery – and ultimately, economic stability for women of color and women more generally.


  • Moderator: Amy Matsui, National Women’s Law Center
  • Claire Ewing-Nelson, National Women’s Law Center
  • Tiffany Ferrette, Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP)
  • Kyra Miller, National Women’s Law Center

Working towards ensuring the economic security of the agricultural sector

In this networking workshop, panelists will first share key research and policy insights into economic security issues across the agricultural sector and how these issues connect to broader rural development needs and opportunities. Then the panelists will facilitate a conversation with the audience to collectively identify and discuss: 1) policy reforms to prioritize, 2) particularities of farmers and farm workers that need to be considered when designing and refining policies and 3) potential collaborations among researchers, agricultural organizations, and non-agricultural organizations focusing on similar issues.

Hosted by: National Farm Medicine Center

Expanding work incentives to Social Security disability beneficiaries

This workshop will focus on expanding the work incentives available to Social Security beneficiaries who receive benefits based on disability. Data and research will be used to illustrate the tension between current work incentives, the poverty level for 2021, and the average Title II disability benefits payment to show why the current work incentives fail to meet the goal of encouraging work. Participants will have a chance to ask questions and discuss what is needed to make these work incentives most useful to the majority of beneficiaries wishing to return to work to rise out of poverty and become financially independent.

Hosted by: Raymond Cebula, Cornell University Work Incentive Support Center

Results from the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED)

The Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED) was the first mayor-led guaranteed income demonstration in the United States. For 24 months, 125 Stocktonians received $500 a month in unconditional, no-strings-attached cash. Join Sukhi Samra, director of SEED, and SEED researcher Erin Coltrera, as they present findings from the first year of data. Moderated by Madeline Neighly of the Economic Security Project, this workshop will also provide an overview of current guaranteed income pilots around the country.

Hosted by: Economic Security Project

Advancing a broad and inclusive child allowance

A strong child allowance is a pathway toward economic security with broad support from national, state, and local advocates as well as the public. This workshop will focus on strategies and messaging for turning recent short-term improvements to the Child Tax Credit into a robust, permanent child allowance. Participants will learn about the temporary CTC improvements included in Congress’s most recent COVID-relief bill, present strategies for educating the public and lawmakers and building public support, and have an opportunity to discuss competing visions for the design of long-term child allowance.


  • Emma Mehrabi, Children’s Defense Fund
  • Elisa Minoff, Center for the Study of Social Policy
  • Zach Tilly,Children’s Defense Fund

A Collapsing Unemployment Insurance Program

This workshop will unpack how the current UI system is not fulfilling its primary purpose of paying adequate benefits and provide a forum for discussion on reform proposals.

Hosted by: Robert Pavosevich, Member of the Academy’s Task Force on Unemployment Insurance