Workshops | Day 1

March 2, 2021 | 2:00 pm ET

Theme: What does economic insecurity mean? Where are the holes and gaps in our social safety net?

The Academy and its partners are excited to present a range of workshops for conference participants, offering deep dives on new research, strategy and advocacy training, and networking opportunities. Join the Zoom meetings by clicking the icons below.

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Economic Security for Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children

The workshop will provide an overview of the challenges and strengths of grandfamilies and highlight available supports and gaps in benefits and services. It will feature presentations from grandparent caregivers speaking directly about their own experiences and provide an opportunity to discuss solutions.

Hosted by: Generations United

Grounding Improvements to the UI System in the Lived Experiences of Jobless Workers and Opportunities

This workshop will aid attendees in centering the lived experience of unemployed workers in the development and reporting of Unemployment Insurance.

Hosted by: Center for Popular Democracy

Taking Stock of Retirement Challenges and Opportunities

Retirement is a core part of the American dream.  This session will lay out the major retirement challenges that Americans face in an increasingly ‘do-it-yourself’ environment.  The risks and trends presented by health, long term care and housing costs make retirement with inadequate risk-pooling extremely challenging.  Meanwhile, younger generations will need more resources to produce the same outcomes with inferior plan offerings and massive gaps in access to workplace plans.  For today’s retirees, retirement income continues growing more expensive.  The discussion will focus on ways to build adequate resources and efficient systems in a user-friendly way.  

Hosted by: National Institute on Retirement Security

Why Women are the Center of America’s Post-COVID Recovery and Growth

Attendees of this workshop focusing on pathways of mobility for women workers will gain an understanding of the disproportionate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on women, especially low-income women of color, gain actionable insights of a #JustEconomy, where women drive economic growth and recovery, and identify solutions and actionable strategies for fostering a women-centered recovery.

Hosted by: SaverLife

Studying the role of the safety net through people’s self-assessments of their financial well-being

This session will discuss the value of examining the role of the safety net through people’s self-assessments of their financial well-being. Participants will learn how financial well-being is defined in the US and how it, as measured by the CFPB Financial Well-Being Scale, compares to specific objective measures such as income, savings, and credit scores. Further research will be presented on the relationship between financial well-being and common economic risks that people face, and the implications for the safety net.

Hosted by: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Multidimensional Aspects of Pushed to the Bottom: The experience of poverty in the United States

This workshop will share strategies on how to perform poverty research respectfully and ethically through the findings of the Multidimensional Aspects of Poverty (MAP) participatory research project. MAP was conducted in partnership with academics, practitioners, and activists – people with a direct experience of poverty, who we believe are the real experts- as co-researchers to determine the dimensions of poverty in the U.S. Participants will gain insights into what poverty is like in the U.S. for people who live it every day, what the social and cultural factors which cause and perpetuate poverty, how the dimensions of poverty interact, how to design meaningful dialogue/ decision making where power is equally distributed around the table, the importance of mindful language, and general tips for facilitators.

Hosted by: Fourth World Movement