Participant List

As of March 1, 2021

Nancy Altman, Social Security Works

Michael Anzick, Social Security Administration

William Arnone, National Academy of Social Insurance

Larry Atkins, Long-Term Quality Care Alliance

Evan Avila, RAAS – IRS

Jessica Bartholow, California State Senate

Elizabeth Bauer, Forbes

Shana Beal, SaverLife

Florence Becot, National Farm Medicine Center

Linda Benesch, Social Security Works

Ethan Bergmann, Swarthmore College

Madison Berry, Georgetown University

Charles Betsey, Howard University

Sunny Bick, Social Security Advisory Board

Corinne Bogan, University of Delaware CCRS

Barbara Bovbjerg, U.S. GAO/Retired

Regina Bowden, Social Security Administration

Kendra Bozarth, Liberation in a Generation

Diane Brandt, Social Security Advisory Board

Carly Braun, University of Kentucky

Zev Braun, State of Safety

Kendall Brennan, Columbia University

Simona L. Brickers, The Phillips & Brickers Institute, LLC

Maryann Broxton, ATD Fourth World

Kenneth Buffin, Buffin Foundation

Ashley Burnside, Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP)

Barbara Burt

Kevin Cahill, Center on Aging and Work at Boston College

Max Carp, Washington University in St. Louis

Christina Carrere

Raymond Cebula, Cornell University

Deborah Chang, Blue Shield of California Foundation

Chris Chaplain, Social Security Administration

Jessica Chapman, Freelance Writer

Guillaume Charvon, ATD Fourth World

Katelyn Cheon, ATD Fourth World

Judy Chesser

Annesley Clark, The Arc

Henry Claypool, Self Employed

Stacy Cloyd, NOSSCR

Joyanne Cobb, Social Security Administration

Alexander Coccia, Children’s Defense Fund Ohio; University of Notre Dame, Department of Political Science

Alan Cohen, Center for American Progress

Bethany Cole, National Academy of Social Insurance

Andrew Collier, National Public Pension Coalition

Cecilia Conrad, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Christian Conyers, Student

Adaline Cook

Matthew Cortland, Be a Hero

Brian Coyne, Magellan Health

Pamela Crawford, Social Security Advisory Board

Julia Crooks, National Academy of Social Insurance

Ellen Daniel, University of Massachusetts Amherst

William Darity, Duke University

Sharon Dietrich, Community Legal Services, Inc.

Tammy Dixon, Segal

Eli Donkar, Social Security Administration

Dan Doonan, National Institute on Retirement Security

Indivar Dutta-Gupta, Georgetown Center on Poverty & Inequality

Chloe East, University of Colorado Denver

Peter Edelman, Georgetown Law

Kathryn Edwards, RAND Corporation

Riley Edwards, Princeton University School of Public and International Affairs

Emily Ellis, The University of Chicago

Debby Engler, Social Security Administration

Ava Esquier, SERVE Philadelphia Americorps VISTA

Carroll Estes, University of California – San Francisco

Lynn Etheredge, Rapid Learning Project

Claire Ewing-Nelson, The National Women’s Law Center

Sarah Fairbrook, Georgetown University

Tiffany Ferrette, Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP)

Jason Fichtner, Johns Hopkins University

Christina FitzPatrick, AARP

Tristan Fitzpatrick, National Public Pension Coalition

Debra Fitzpatrick, Children’s Defense Fund

Charleigh Flohr, Human Rights Campaign Foundation

Howard Fluhr, Segal

Marty Ford, The Arc of the United States

Jonathan Forman, University of Oklahoma College of Law

Arthur Fried, Epstein Becker & Green PC

Merrill Friedman, Anthem

Elaine Fultz, JMF Research Associates

Vicki Fung, MGH/Harvard Medical School

Drew Gerber, University of Minnesota School of Public Health

Katie Gibson, Wavelength

Karen Glenn, Social Security Administration

Ezra Golberstein, University of Minnesota

Barbara Goldschmidt, National Academy of Social Insurance

Daisy Gonzalez, Garment Worker Center

Stephen Goss, Social Security Administration

Alix Gould-Werth, Washington Center for Equitable Growth

Declan Graham

S.Orlene Grant, Juanita C. Grant Foundation Inc.

Victoria Gray, Generations United

Theodore Grayer, Swarthmore College

Claire Green, Social Security Advisory Board

Robert Green, Social Security Administration (Retired)

Robert Greenstein

Jeremie Greer, Liberation in a Generation

Janice Gregory, Retired

Melissa Grober-Morrow, AARP

Tracey Gronniger, Justice in Aging

Justin Gross, House of Representatives Office of Legislative Counsel

Sam Gutterman, Consulting Actuary

Samuel Hammond, Niskanen Center

Craig Hanna, American Academy of Actuaries

Heidi Hartmann, Urban Institute

Catherine Harvey, AARP

Jeffrey Hemmeter, Social Security Administration

Ta’Mara Hill, University of Minnesota

Allison Hoffman, University of Pennsylvania Law School

June Hopkins

Kathryn Horneffer, UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health

Bette Hoxie, Generations United

Chye-Ching Huang, Tax Law Center at NYU Law

Nan Hunter, Georgetown University

Hope Huskey, Sequoyah Fund

Cassandra Ingersoll, University of Pennsylvania

Antonia Israel, Boston College

Emilie Jackson, National Bureau of Economic Research

Parker James, Michigan League for Public Policy

William Jimenez, Independent

Lawrence Johnston, Off. Legis. Counsel, US House of Representatives

Bob Joondeph, Social Security Advisory Board

Greg Kaufmann, Southern Economic Advancement Project

Ellie Kaverman, Self-employed

Aaron Keating, Economic Opportunity Institute

Fran Kelleher, Self-employed

Cynthia Kemp, K3 Strategies LLC

Rohini Khillan, AARP

Gloria Kim, National Academy of Social Insurance

Laura King, Social Security Administration

Tom Klouda, Committee on Finance

Abby Kristensen, Undergraduate Student

Gina Krupp, Columbia University

Joan Kuriansky, Circles USA

Elizabeth LaBarbera, Peter G. Peterson Foundation

Renée M. Landers, Suffolk University Law School

Kate Lang, Justice in Aging

Mandy Lee, United Way of Pierce County

Timothy Leier, Ecolab

Joseph Leitmann-Santa Cruz, Capital Area Asset Builders

Jaia Lent, Generations United

Emily Lewis, Fordham University

Bethany Lilly, The Arc of the United States

Trevon Logan, Ohio State University

Edwin J. Lopez-Soto, Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Tim Lucas, SaverLife

Tracey Ly

Katie Ly, Liberation in a Generation

Joanne Lynn, Representative Tom Suozzi

Janggo Mahmud

Marissa Malta, AARP

Ioana Marinescu, University of Pennsylvania

Gail MarksJarvis, Barrons

Sandra Markwood, National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Cassandra Martin

Whitney Martinez, Claremont Graduate University

Kara Masteller, Spring Chickens

James Masters, Center for Community Futures

Richelle Matarazzo, National Academy of Social Insurance

Amy Matsui, National Women’s Law Center

Heather McCulloch, Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap

Robert McGarrah, Maryland Legal Aid

Christopher McLaren, Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy

Kyra Miller, National Women’s Law Center

Elisa Minoff, Center for the Study of Social Policy

Trey Minter, Vanderbilt University

Ed Modell, Balanced Coaching

Tamika Moore, Urban Masterpiece

Samantha Morales, New Mexico Aging & Long-Term Services Department

Emma Morris, Oklahoma Policy Institute

Monique Morrissey, Economic Policy Institute

Caroline Muster, University of South Florida

Brent Neiser, What’s Next with Money

Paul Nelson, Family Health Care, P.C., Retired

David Nexon, Retired

Chloe Nickel, Milken Institute School of Public Health

Jonathan Nomachi, First 5 LA

Shelly Nortz, Coalition for the Homeless

Tony Notaro, Social Security Administration

Aisha Nyandoro, Springboard to Opportunities

Mary O’Donnell, RRF Foundation for Aging

Chris O’Flinn, BenefitsAmericas LLC

Veronica Onochie, Claremont Graduate University

Sharlene Ornelas, Blind Community Center of San Diego

Diana Orozco, CLASP

Hector Ortiz, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Jim Palmieri, AARP

Jay Patel, National Academy of Social Insurance

Jose-Booz Paul, OCAPP

Lauren Paul, Common Future

Robert Pavosevich, Retired

Alaine Perry, CMS (Retired)

Elizabeth Pfeffer, University of Oxford

Trinh Phan, Justice in Aging

David Podoff, Retired

Ninez Ponce, UCLA – CHPR

Paulo Pontemayor, Catholic Health Association of the United States

Caroline Poplin, Arlington Free Clinic

Lois Prew, Unemployed Action

Susan Prokop, Paralyzed Veterans of America

Kristine Quinio, National Academy of Social Insurance

Joseph Quinn, Boston College

Catherine Rampell, Washington Post

Thomas Rankin, State Compensation Insurance Fund

Lynette Rawlings, The Policy Academies

Conway Reinders, Social Security Advisory Board

Virginia Reno, Social Security Administration, National Academy of Social Insurance (Retired)

Michelle Revels, Community Science

Solana Rice, Liberation in a Generation

David Riemer, Social Security Works

Jenn Rigger, Social Security Advisory Board

Sara Rix, Self-employed

Johnny Roland, VITA

Kathleen Romig, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

James Roosevelt, Verrill Dana LLP

Norinda Rosario Yancey, United Way of Pierce County

Nur Sazali, Khazanah Research Institute

Ruth Schau

Tammy Seltzer, Jail & Prison Project at Disability Rights DC

Radha Seshagiri, SaverLife

Suma Setty, National Center for Children in Poverty

Soosan Shahrokh, Social Security Administration

Omar Shalabi, Social Security Advisory Board

Jennifer Sheehy, ODEP

Naomi Shin, Carnegie Mellon University

Paul Shinn, Oklahoma Policy Institute

Hannah Shipley, University of Michigan

Glenn Shor, UCB School of Public Health

Nancy Shor

Dorothy Siemon, AARP

Tina Sigurdson, SEIU 775

Margaret Simms, Urban Institute

Sven Sinclair. Social Security Administration

Izidora Skracic, University of Maryland – School of Public Health

Tim Smeeding, UW Madison

Elizabeth Smith, Self-employed

Ralph Smith, Retired

Emery Smith, California State University East Bay

Barbara Smith, Retirement Literacy Center

Ken Sokol, Financial Spreadsheets, LLC

Sara Somers, Sponsor of Somers Internship Program

Naomi Stanhaus, RRF Foundation for Aging

Jonathan Stein, Community Legal Services

Andrew Stern, SEIU

Richard Sternhell, Retired

J Suh

TJ Sutcliffe, U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Ways and Means

Katherine Swartz, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

John Tambornino, Deptartment of Labor/ODEP

Alexa Tapia, National Employment Law Project

Emma Tatem, Social Security Advisory Board

Sebastian Tello-Trillo, University Virginia

Louis Toler, WISER

Madeline Turbes, University of Minnesota

Rebecca Vallas, Center for American Progress

Paul Van de Water, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Lupita Villanueva, Department of Homeland Security

Anna Wadia, Ford Foundation

Elisa Walker, House Committee on Ways & Means, Social Security Subcommittee

Stephen Wandner, National Academy of Social Insurance

Michael Warburton, Public Trust Alliance

Genevieve Waterman, National Council on Aging

Ruth Ann Watkins, RRF Foundation for Aging

Elaine Weiss, National Academy of Social Insurance

Joanna Weiss, Fines and Fees Justice Center

Susan Weiss

Tyler Welch, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jasmine Wigfall, Social Security Works

Taryn Mackenzie Williams, Center for American Progress

Patrice Willoughby, Signal Group

Susan Wilschke, Social Security Administration

Claire Winiarek, Pharmaceutical Care Management Association

Shad Yasin

Beverly Yu, United Domestic Workers / AFSCME Local 3930

Annie Yu, Princeton University

Chengcheng Zhang, Claremont Graduate University